In the beginning…

Sno Biz got it’s start in 1989 and grew to dozens of locations within just the first year and soon expanded internationally around the world.

In 1995, Pent Continental became a Canadian dealer and just a few years later became the Sno Biz distributor for Western Canada.

Since the beginning, the quality and care that goes into  producing Sno Biz products has remained the same.  We continue to be proud to be associated with Sno Biz as it is  a quality product that we believe in.  Sno Biz has been around for 30 years and still continues as a Non-Franchise company!  Customers love and appreciate the true-to-life flavours and the results show, with over 2000 dealers in over 20 countries.


Sno Biz Shave Ice, Ice Blended Coffees, Slush along with all of our other products are created using the Sno Biz proprietary dry powder flavour system.  These flavours are created right in the Sno Biz facility utilizing the best and freshest ingredients and individually packaged for Sno Biz dealers.  The care, the methods and ingredients make the difference.  That’s why our customers keep coming back, because they see and taste that Sno Biz products are superior.

become part of the fun

As a new dealer, you will inevitably build your own list of loyal customers.   Our customers do in fact keep coming back and you WILL gain customer recognition.  Whether it’s at your own brick and mortar store-front, as add-on products to your existing business or as a mobile Sno Biz dealer serving at a variety of events like concerts, birthday parties, grads, fairs or wherever, your happy customers will range from the little tykes to the seniors passing the word on about your Sno Biz location.

Love Our Earth

It has always been our goal to remain socially and environmentally responsible. With the shave ice industry standard of producing heavy plastic jugs of flavour and then trucking them across the country, we thought there must be a better way! So we started from the ground up and after much research and taste-testing, we created the Sno Biz Dry-Pak Flavour System. Our proprietary flavour system significantly reduces the CO2 emissions generated by trucking and eliminates the plastic jug landfill waste by utilizing re-usable eco-friendly mixing and storage containers. With a more stable, longer shelf life, Sno Biz Dry-Pak Flavours are made up in-store to provide the freshest mouth-watering flavours possible. And best of all…the cost savings are also eco-nomically friendly to your wallet!